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Welcome to the Crochet Adventure Website featuring the Wonderful and Enchanting World of Thread Crochet!

For as long as I can remember I have admired the delicate, lacy creations that I have seen others craft from crochet thread. Even though I have been crocheting with other mediums since I was a young girl, up until a few years ago I had not experienced the joy of crocheting with crochet cotton thread. I decided that I owed it to myself to give this art form a try. Once I crocheted my first snowflake, I was "hooked". I quickly added some thread crocheted angels and bells to my Christmas tree.

When I tried to find a pattern for a snowman I found only disappointment. My disappointment turned to excitement as I undertook the challenge of creating my own pattern for my favorite little Christmas Character. Not having any prior experience with designing crochet patterns, I started with something simple that I knew well; the chain stitch. My first creation was born.

I was having so much fun that I couldn't stop with just one snowman. I had so many ideas for pattern designs. I made a snowman designed to characterize each of my 7 children and my son in law. Unfortunately I sold the copyright for the pattern for my son in law, Kasey's snowman, so cannot offer it on my website. Nevertheless, Kasey is an integral part of our family and must be mentioned.

My little snowman family continued to grow as I designed patterns for my husband and myself. Upon completion of designing snowmen named for my immediate family, I discovered that I had a few more ideas for designs. I just kept crocheting. The final results are a dozen patterns for small 3 1/2-inch, 3-D snowmen. Each snowman design is uniquely different, just like my children. All patterns are my own original designs and are only available here. The patterns also include the directions for making the matching hat and scarf.

Please take a look. I'm sure you will find at least a couple to fall in love with. Check back often. I hope to add more creations soon. I may surprise you with more than just snowmen.

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Happy Crocheting